The SI Solution: The Definitive Family Guide To Thriving During Sensory Integration Dysfunction

The SI Solution: The Definitive Family Guide in Thriving During Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Providing a roadmap in understanding and living with sensory integration dysfunction issues. How would you like a complete and definitive guide that walks you through the underlying reasons causing your child’s sensory processing dysfunction, types of occupational therapy services currently available and sensory diet/ strategy solutions to use at home? If you do, then this guide is for you. Does your child have: • Difficulty with social skills • Food sensitivities • Noise sensitivities • Toileting issues • Constipation issues • Difficulties with grooming • Difficulties with showering • Difficulties with wearing clothes • Tends to break things unintentionally • High pain tolerance • Difficulty showering • Difficulties brushing teeth • Difficulties enjoying music • Difficulty playing with others • Difficulty with engaging in play • Lack of safety awareness • Sudden or constant tantrums • A daily struggle to go to school • Sleep difficulties

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The SI Book provides:
-The background and current research on Sensory integration dysfunction.
-The sensory strategies to use for daily struggles
- Free templates to use for daily schedule, morning schedule, afternoon schedule and evening schedule
- Cheatsheets providing immediate strategies for hyperarousal and underarousal that cause sensory dysregulation.
-Succint information on different proven treatment techniques that are incorporated into sensory integration or sensory processing treatments

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